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Flow attachment "Flow-Chiller" for Konkav HMF with Pat-Mini drive

Flow attachment "Flow-Chiller" for Konkav HMF with Pat-Mini drive

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flow type

Species-appropriate flow conditions for retrofitting.

Danger!!! Not compatible with air lift filters!

The Flow-Chiller -Minus directs most of the flow towards the water surface and fans out the outflowing water.
The Flow-Chiller +Plus directs the water horizontally, close to the water surface, far into the pool.

Flow chiller minus

The Betta Splendens likes it quiet in his territory. Current disturbs him and he can feel very uncomfortable if the current does not give him rest.

Many customers have reported that the Pat-Mini still brings too much current into the pool, even when it is throttled.

Recommended when keeping

-Betta fish (Fighting fish)
- Molly's
-Butterfly cichlid
-Black Molly

Flow Chiller +Plus

Particularly suitable for long aquariums, the +Plus attachment generates a horizontal flow near the water surface. This now easily reaches the opposite end of the aquarium.
With our flow chillers for the Konkav-Hmf with Pat-Mini, the desired flow pattern can be easily adjusted.

These can be easily attached to any concave HMF with Pat-mini using the plug & play method.
The filter does not have to be dismantled for this.

size or dimensions

The flow chiller is designed exactly to the dimensions of the Pat-Mini and is flush with the concave HMF at the side and bottom.
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