Collection: diaphragm pumps

Diaphragm pumps ensure that the water in the aquarium is enriched with oxygen and thus contribute to the health of the fish and plants. With the help of aerators, the air is finely shattered and released into the aquarium.

However, membrane pumps are particularly important for filters with air lift drives. The air lifter cannot work without a powerful diaphragm pump.

In order to supply only one filter with air, a small, inexpensive diaphragm pump is usually sufficient.

The special thing about it, however, is that with a single powerful membrane pump, many air lift filters (e.g. in breeding systems/aquaristic shops) can be operated at the same time.

In this way, several aquariums can be filtered at the same time in a very energy-saving way.

However, it should be remembered that every diaphragm pump makes certain humming noises. You can also reduce the noise quite well if the membrane pump is placed in the base cabinet, for example on a folded towel or some filter mat.

If a membrane pump is placed below the water level, a non-return valve should definitely be installed in the air line. This prevents the water from flowing back through the hose in the event of a power failure or a defect in the pump. Without this protection, there may be water damage to the pump or the furniture.