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Nature soil, fine

Nature soil, fine

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The active substrate, developed by Oliver Knott.
Discover the unique Nature Soil - the ideal, natural substrate for your plant and shrimp aquarium. Thanks to pre-fertilized, dimensionally stable granules, the oxygen supply to the plant roots is optimally supported, while impurities are bound and a slightly acidic pH value is guaranteed. The soil promotes the proliferation of filter bacteria and ensures biological stability. Discover the benefits of Nature Soil for healthy plants, happy shrimp and clear water! Please note that the soil is not suitable for burrowing fish.

- 3 or 10 liters
- Black or brown
- Grain size of 2 - 3 mm (fine)
- Reduction of carbonate hardness for a slightly acidic pH value
- Perfect for plants, fish and shrimp with a preference for soft, slightly acidic water
- Long-term use possible
- Can be used as an efficient filter media

1. Do not wash before use!
2. Layer at least 4 cm high

3. Even distribution on the aquarium floor
4. Higher background for visual depth
5. Insert plants conveniently with tweezers.

For a healthy environment, we recommend weekly water changes of at least 20%.
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