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Mobile HMF sponge filter "Cubic-Line" with air lift

Mobile HMF sponge filter "Cubic-Line" with air lift

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pore density

The new, optimized version of the well-known mobile HMF.
More freedom in pool design.
Completely ready for connection.

Aquakallax Mobile HMF with magnetic attachment

Product Information

  • unique 2 in 1 attachment
  • original Aquakallax development
  • Optional magnetic attachment for panes up to 12mm thick
  • or flexible positioning using the strong suction cups
  • Air jack can be rotated and extended
  • Ready for connection with hose and check valve

Aquakallax Mobile HMF with suction cup attachment

Mobile Hamburg mat filters have been a good choice for almost every freshwater aquarium for many years.

Due to the enormous filter surface in relation to the overall size, the biological filter performance is unsurpassed.

"Cubic Line" Series with the innovative cartridge holders *

Magnetic holder for mobile HMF cartridge filters

  • all 6 sides of the filter are biologically active (more filter performance for the same size)
  • no space needs to be created
  • The filter can be attached anywhere and at any height on the back or side window.
  • The filter cartridge does not have to be shortened to the appropriate pool height
  • The filter sponge sits securely and can still be easily removed for cleaning. (and without disturbing the soil and the sludge!)
  • the air jack spout is adjustable 360 ​​degrees. (This is how you find the right angle to minimize the unpopular "waste collection points".)
  • height-adjustable air lift. (You will always find the perfect height to avoid splashing or bubbling noises)
  • The Cubic-Line filters are delivered “plug and play”. That is, equipped with an orig. Aquakallax air lifter of the appropriate size, air hose with check valve and of course the cartridge holders. Just connect the filter to your membrane pump** and you're done.
  • Perfect for retrofitting as well as for a new installation.

**To operate the HMF filter you need an air pump (diaphragm pump), which is not included in the scope of delivery!

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