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Concave HMF with Aquael Pat-Mini

Concave HMF with Aquael Pat-Mini

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leg length

Our concave filters with the electric Pat-Mini drive are the ideal complete package.

Equipped with the whisper-quiet pump and the chosen attachment, all you need to do is place the filter in the pool, attach it and plug the plug into the socket. Ready

With the " Konkav-Line " filter series, Aquakallax offers you the world's first fully active space-saving HMF.

Danger!!! You can easily determine the appropriate height of the filter by measuring from the ground to the water line. When installed, the filter stands on the gravel/sand and reaches to the water surface.

The concave filter finder

Use our calculation tool to find the right filter for your aquarium.

The aquarium has a net volume of approx. Liter.

From the ground to the water surface there are approx. cm.

The ideal height of your concave filter is : cm

Recommended filter leg length :

Does your aquarium have a net volume of over 200 liters or is it extremely busy? Then we recommend using two filters! This way we avoid putting too much strain on the filter and get a very long service life.

Product Information

Aquakallax®'s latest invention is revolutionizing the aquarium filter market.

Every aquarist knows and appreciates the excellent biological filter performance of the Hamburg mat filters.

The disadvantage of this filtering is the enormous space requirement.

So we have made it our mission to develop a filter that takes up less space in the aquarium without sacrificing biological filter performance.

After over two years of development, we have managed to achieve exactly that.

Information on filter performance ( Attention! Choose your filter in the right size and not based on the biological performance table!

Other filter manufacturers rely solely on pump performance, but at Aquakallax we know that this alone is not enough to accurately determine filter performance. That's why we rely on information about the biological performance, which can determine much more precisely whether a filter is suitable for the aquarium or would be overwhelmed by the load.

Our filters are specifically designed to maximize biological performance and ensure your aquarium is always healthy and happy. With our focus on biological performance, you can be confident that our filter provides the performance necessary to break down harmful substances such as ammonia and nitrite, supporting healthy aquarium life.

Overview of the biological filter performance of the concave filters

The selectable mounting variant

Magnetic fastening or retaining clips

With the Brackets Made of unbreakable polycarbonate, HMF filter housings can be easily and securely attached to the aquarium panes.
Suitable for glass thicknesses from 4 to 10mm.

The Magnetic attachment is probably the most elegant solution to fix the standing filters. Depending on the size of the filter selected, magnets of different strengths are used. Of course, the magnets are waterproof and suitable for continuous use in the aquarium.

scope of delivery

Simply put it in, connect it and start filtering!

You will receive the "Konkav" with Pat-mini as a complete set ready for connection

-equipped with a 30ppi filter mat , the filter is ideal for a variety of applications.

Whether you have a community aquarium, a shrimp tank or a biotope aquarium, the 30ppi filter mat meets the requirements of most aquarium types. It provides reliable mechanical filtration while supporting the establishment of a healthy bacterial culture, which is essential for the biodegradation of ammonia and nitrite in water.

Economical and powerful. The Pat-Mini Engine delivers continuously adjustable up to 400 liters per hour and only requires 4 watts .

Aquael Pat Mini
WEEE reg. no. 33365802

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