Die Spezialfiltermatte

The special filter mat

Aquakallax special filter mat for concave filters

Our filter mat has precisely calculated elevations in distance and size, which enable a space-saving and highly effective design of our concave filters.

Due to the concave design of our filters, the filter surface could even be increased compared to conventional Hamburg mat filters, which enables even higher performance and efficiency.

Thanks to the liquid channels worked out in the filter mat, the so-called clear water chamber is reduced to a minimum of the usual size without losing filter performance.

With our filter mat you get more performance with less space, which is particularly advantageous for aquarium owners with limited space.

Our filter mat is made from high quality, durable polyether foam and has been developed to the highest quality standards. With its innovative design and outstanding filter performance, it is the perfect choice for all aquarium owners looking for a powerful and space-saving filter solution.

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