Luftheber oder Pat-Mini?

Airlifter or Pat-Mini?

Filter selection Air lift or electric drive?
Spoiled for choice!
As so often in life, you have to make a decision and you just don't know what the perfect choice is!
Go through the following list, and you will certainly find the decision much easier!
You're on Team Pat-Mini if...
...your aquarium is in the bedroom! only want to see your aquarium but not hear it!
...your aquarium is all alone! want a filter that is immediately ready for use without additional accessories!
You're on the Airlift team if... know that an air lifter needs a diaphragm pump to operate! know that a diaphragm pump, depending on its performance, type and manufacturer, is always a source of noise that can disturb sensitive ears! already have a suitable diaphragm pump! Or order one at the same time! have several aquariums on a shelf, for example, and want to operate all filters with just one membrane pump. (can save a lot of energy costs!)
Whatever you decide, our filters perform 100% with every drive
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