Welche Filtergröße ist die richtige?

Which filter size is the right one?

What size aquarium filter do I need?

So, if you have a hamburger mat filter or a concave filter, they should reach just above the waterline and stand on the bottom . With an air lift, you should make sure that the outlet protrudes halfway out of the water so that the filter runs smoothly and effectively.

The concave filters with Pat-mini can also be operated fully submerged, but you have to keep in mind that the surface movement decreases as the Pat-mini sits deeper. If there is too little surface movement, an unsightly scum can form. (we also have clever accessories in the shop for sufficient movement on the water surface! Take a look at the advantages of our flow chiller attachments for the concave filters with Pat-Mini!)

You can choose the leg length of the filter as large as it fits in your aquarium. The following applies here: a lot helps a lot.

When choosing the height, also pay attention to whether anything is in the way! For example, many aquariums have glued-in glass crossbars for stabilization

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