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Algae scraper set of 3 including stand

Algae scraper set of 3 including stand

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Set of 3 algae scrapers made of plexiglass for aquarium cleaning, including stand - a must for every aquarium lover!

Algae scraper window cleaner for aquariums

Dive into the world of aquarium care with our high quality set of 3 Plexiglass Algae Scrapers, designed to make cleaning your aquarium glass easier than ever before. This set is not only extremely effective, but also extremely sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.

**Features and Benefits:**

1. **Three Different Scrapers:** Our set includes three unique algae scrapers to tackle all cleaning challenges. One scraper has a straight shape, the second is angled at 45 degrees to easily reach corners, and the third is angled to make cleaning the back window easier.

2. **High-quality plexiglass:** The algae scrapers are made of high-quality plexiglass, which not only effectively removes algae, but also protects your aquarium glass from scratches. Plexiglass is gentle on the glass surface and ensures gentle cleaning.

3. **Sustainable Sharpness:** Our algae scrapers are designed to be used over and over again without the need for replacement blades. You can easily re-sharpen the scrapers many times using fine sandpaper, which significantly extends the life of the set and saves resources.

4. **Stylish stand:** An elegant stand is included, which not only serves as practical storage, but also creates a fascinating three-dimensional visual effect. When the scrapers lie on the stand, the impression is as if small fish are swimming through a planted aquarium. The Aquakallax lettering also contributes to this deep effect.

Set of 3 window cleaners for aquariums

**Why choose our algae scraper set?**

- Effective cleaning: Our scrapers remove algae effortlessly without damaging the discs.
- Sustainability: Say goodbye to disposable blades - our scrapers are designed to last for a long time.
- Aesthetics: The included stand gives your aquarium an impressive look and creates a fascinating underwater world.

Enrich your aquarium experience and provide a flawless, clear viewing window into your underwater world. Order our set of 3 plexiglass algae scrapers today and bring style and sustainability to your aquarium care.

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