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AquaNova sludge vacuum cleaner with siphon pump

AquaNova sludge vacuum cleaner with siphon pump

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Handy Aqua Nova Gravel Vacuum Cleaner - Gravel Cleaner, equipped with a practical suction pump, making the ever-popular suction with your mouth unnecessary.

The mulch bell has a suction protection that prevents stones from being sucked in.

With a length of around 20 cm and a diameter of 15 mm, the mulm bell offers optimal dimensions for smaller aquariums. The hose measures approximately 85 cm, giving a total length of approximately 1.20 m.

The cleaner is equipped with a removable suction cup on the mulch bell to securely fix the pipe in the basin. It is also possible to attach an additional hose (not included) in different sizes to the drain.

An absolute must-have for me when changing water for years!

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