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Aquaponic Hang-On Plant Carrier (3-fold)

Aquaponic Hang-On Plant Carrier (3-fold)

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Aquarium plant cuttings holder: Natural elegance for your aquarium!

Aquakallax Aquaponic Plant Holder
Experience the wonders of aquaponics in your aquarium with our plant cutting holder. This clever device allows three plant cuttings to be held, with the leaves standing proudly above the water level and the roots unfolding in the nutrient-rich water.

This is how the Aquakallax Aquaponic plant holder is operated simple application

- **Practical hang-on mounting:** Easy to install, the holder provides a stable hold for your plant cuttings.
- **Sliding lid:** The front sliding lid makes inserting plants effortless and comfortable.
- **Efficient nutrient absorption:** The plants draw nutrients from the aquarium water and thus improve the water quality.

**Advantages for your aquarium:**
1. **Healthy water quality:** The plants reduce excess nitrate and promote optimal water composition.
2. **Natural Filtration:** Supports biological filtration and creates a harmonious balance in the aquarium.

Aquakallax Aquaponic plant holder
**Particularly suitable for:**
- **Pothos:** A sturdy climber that can adapt to support.
- **Lucky Bamboo:** Evokes a touch of exoticism and is easy to care for.
- **Spider Plant (Green Lily):** An air-purifying favorite that sets impressive accents with its offshoots.
- **Purple Heart (Coleus):** A colorful addition with its vibrant purple leaves.
This is how offshoots are introduced into the Aquakallax Aquaponic Box
**Versatile Landscaping:**
The plant cutting holder allows you to attractively replicate bank and swamp zones in your aquarium. Design your underwater kingdom creatively and create a lifelike environment that both fish and plants will love!

Bring nature into your aquarium with our plant cutting holder. Order now and create an aesthetic environment in which fish and plants feel equally comfortable!


-Hang-On holder for up to 10mm glass thickness

-Dimensions (WxHxD): 68mm x 81mm x 25mm

-Tube diameter: 20mm

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