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Air outlet angle for air lifters

Air outlet angle for air lifters

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Aquakallax vent angle

For smoother and more efficient running of the air jacks

Aquakallax air vent angle for air lifters

Experience improved efficiency and quiet operation in your aquarium with our innovative air vent angles.
Simply clipped onto PVC pipe, these angles feature a 45-degree beveled outlet that ensures consistent flow. Compared to conventional PVC angles, they offer a particularly flow-friendly solution thanks to their homogeneous design. Mounting the vent angles
Aquakallax air vent angle for air lifters in four sizes
The elegant black color of the vent angles blends harmoniously into filters with black filter mats, especially in our concave filters. These angles are available in different sizes to fit 12, 16, 20 and 25mm PVC pipes. By using these vent angles, you will not only optimize the performance of your airlift system, but also create a quiet and efficient environment for your underwater world.

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