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BlackBox - the HMF with reactor chamber

BlackBox - the HMF with reactor chamber

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Welcome to a new era of aquarium filtration with our revolutionary product - the BlackBox Aquarium Filter!

The BlackBox combines advanced technology and maximum flexibility to optimally meet the needs of your aquarium. This unique mat filter box not only offers outstanding biological filter performance, but also an innovative reactor chamber that allows you to customize the filtration according to your individual requirements.

The product video shows the structure and operation of the Black Box

Product features :

- ** Biological filter performance: ** The BlackBox's 17x17cm filter mat achieves an impressive biological filter performance of 65 liters. Thanks to the unique design, this output can be increased to well over 150 liters by equipping the reactor chamber.

- ** Reactor chamber: ** The BlackBox's special reactor chamber offers space for additional filter materials such as Siporax, zeolite rock, organic balls, ceramic rings, activated carbon, clay beads, lava stones and filter cotton and more. Adjust your aquarium's filtering precisely and optimize it according to the specific needs of your aquatic creatures. The chamber can also be filled with soil in the filter bag, making the BlackBox an ideal filter for Caridina breeding.

- ** Versatile shape and size: ** With its compact dimensions of 17.5x17.5cm and a thickness of 6cm, the BlackBox can be used both standing or lying down. This enables flexible integration into any aquarium and offers you maximum design freedom.

- ** Optional operating options: ** Choose between a powerful and whisper-quiet Pat-Mini or an efficient air lifter to operate your BlackBox. The magnetic attachment ensures that it is securely anchored to the window while the box is upright.

- ** Magnetic attachment: **The integrated magnetic attachment ensures that the BlackBox remains securely attached to the window when it is on the floor. For free-floating applications, the fully equipped filter can become too heavy, so we recommend floor mounting.

The version with air jack also has an extra magnetic attachment for the 16mm air jack.
Demonstration of the air lift magnet attachment
The BlackBox opens up new horizons in aquarium filtration. Use advanced technology and customization options to create an optimal environment for your aquatic creatures. Order today and experience the future of aquarium filtration!

Do you already have a Pat-Mini? Then choose the version “without Pat-Mini”! Use your pump and save money!

Technical data:

- **Filter mat size:** 17x17 cm
- **Biological filter performance:** 65 liters (filter mat only)
- **Reactor chamber size:** 816 cm³
- **Maximum filter performance:** Over 150 liters (depending on the reactor chamber configuration)
- **Dimensions of the BlackBox:** 17.5x17.5x6 cm (WxLxH)
- **Operating options:** Pat-Mini or air jack
- **Magnetic attachment:** Integrated for secure attachment to the aquarium glass (floor mounting recommended for free-floating applications)

In the following video you can see how Sascha Hoyer uses the BlackBox filter in the river biotope flow aquarium:

Special features:

- Reactor chamber adjustment: The reactor chamber allows the use of additional filter materials such as Siporax, zeolite rock and soil in the filter bag, ideal for Caridina breeding. Internal structure of the reactor chamber in the Aquakallax black box filter

- Versatile positioning: BlackBox can be placed standing or lying down in the aquarium, offering maximum flexibility in design.

- Quiet operation : Optional operation with the powerful and whisper-quiet Pat-Mini (up to 400l/h with only 4 watts) or an efficient air lifter with the 16mm drive (*a membrane pump is required to operate the air lifter)

The BlackBox aquarium filters not only offer advanced filtration performance, but also an innovative solution for adapting to the individual needs of your aquatic inhabitants. Experience a new era of aquarium filtration - order today and optimize the water quality in your aquarium!

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