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"Bucen-Box" The flower pot for the aquarium

"Bucen-Box" The flower pot for the aquarium

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A thin layer of soil under the feet of your Bucen works wonders.....

Of course, our Bucen boxes are not only suitable for Bucephalandra. Mosses and Anubias also thrive in the boxes with flow openings.

The perforation on the bottom and on the sides up to a height of approx. 3cm is so fine at 1mm that the soil does not fall through. (Except powder soil and other extremely fine soil types.)

The boxes are attached using very strong double suction cups.

Integrated spacers ensure that the boxes hang straight even when fully loaded.

size / dimensions

Available in four lengths.
5cm, 10cm, 15 and 20cm offer enough space for one or more pupils.
4cm depth and width are kept slim but just right for your favorite plants.

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