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Your “favorite water change bucket”

Your “favorite water change bucket”

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Relaxed water changes in the aquarium with Aquakallax!

!!!NEW!!! - Now free dirt vacuum cleaner included!!!!

Are you tired of causing an uncontrolled bucket waterfall every time you change the water in the aquarium? Aquakallax has the solution for you! Our new favorite water change bucket makes the process so much more enjoyable and easier.

With the Aquakallax water change bucket you can continue to do your usual water changes with a bucket. But this unique bucket has its own hose that allows you to let in the change water or refill water in a targeted and controlled manner. No more water splashes, no more uncontrolled flow - just a smooth water change.

As an additional highlight, we include a practical storage plate that allows you to place the bucket on the edge of your aquarium. This means you have both hands free to let the water flow in comfortably. No more tedious holding positions, no more heavy buckets to hold onto all the time.

Make changing water a relaxing experience with the Aquakallax water change bucket. Enjoy the control, precision and lightness it offers you. Your aquarium inhabitants will thank you!

Filling volume: either 5 or 10 liters

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