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Dragonwood / Dragonwood / Antwood

Dragonwood / Dragonwood / Antwood

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Dragon wood - the perfect and purely natural furnishings for creating mysterious underwater worlds in the aquarium.

Its unique structure makes it ideal for epiphytes such as Bucephalandra, Anubias, Java ferns and mosses. Each wood is absolutely unique.

This unique decorative material not only impresses visually, but like other types of wood, it releases important humic and tannins into the water, which contribute to good water quality.

Particularly recommended for wood-eating catfish and L-catfish, as they benefit from the humic substances and like to use the wood's numerous hiding places.

Shrimp also enjoy a nice climbing playground, especially if it is equipped with moss - no shrimp wants to go without that.

Initially, a biofilm can form on the wood, a slightly milky layer of useful cleaning bacteria that dissolves on its own after a while, even without animals.

If you have invertebrates like dwarf shrimp and snails in your aquarium, you bring home their favorite meal with the biofilm. A 100% natural diet that your animals will be happy about.

Unlike other decorative materials, preparing dragon wood for the aquarium does not require complex work. It can be used immediately and, despite its similar appearance, is “light as a feather”.

Do you want your aquarium to correspond exactly to your ideas?

You're not buying a pig in a poke here! Here you get exactly the root from the photo!

Dragonwood originally comes from the tropics and subtropics, particularly from the wetlands and river banks in Southeast Asia. It is often imported from countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. There it grows in a natural environment and is then harvested and exported for the aquarium trade. The exact origin can vary depending on the provider and supplier, but generally dragon wood comes from the tropical regions of Southeast Asia.

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