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Easy-Fix ​​mat holder (for pool division with filter mats) 4 pieces in a set

Easy-Fix ​​mat holder (for pool division with filter mats) 4 pieces in a set

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The Aquakallax Easy-Fix ​​mat holders are clever helpers when it comes to dividing your aquarium with filter mats.

Anyone who has tried it knows the problem!
You want to subdivide your aquarium, for example to separate young fish from adult animals or other predators......

The simplest is the separation with a clamped filter mat.

In order for the mat to have a firm hold, it must be wider than the depth of the pool.

Unfortunately, a filter mat that is jammed in this way tends to get a "belly" and the hold is, shall we say...mediocre.

If the mat is at least 5cm thick, you don't have as much of a problem with the bulbous mat..... but let's be honest! Who wants to take up so much space just so the mat fits better?

It doesn't have to be!
With our Easy-Fix ​​mat holders you can fix thin mats without a gap and without a belly as a pelvis separation.

Product Notes

*Easy-Fix ​​mat holders should always be used in pairs on opposite mat sides.

*suitable from 2cm mat thickness


Thanks to the clever holder, perfectly fitting filter mats can be fixed without any gaps or bulges.

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