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Replacement filter mats for concave filters (30ppi fine)

Replacement filter mats for concave filters (30ppi fine)

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The special filter mat for concave filters

With its pore fineness of 30ppi, our filter mat is the absolute all-rounder for your aquarium.

The 30ppi pore structure offers the ideal balance between efficiency and versatility. It allows for effective filtration of dirt particles and contaminants while maintaining a sufficient flow rate. This makes the mat perfect for a variety of aquariums, from shrimp tanks to community tanks.

It is important to note that at the beginning of using the filter mat, even the finest particles can penetrate the mat structure. This is due to the not yet fully developed biological activity and the lower accumulation of mulch. But over time and increasing use of the filter mat, natural biofilm formation will occur and the pores will become narrower. This makes filtration increasingly effective and even the finest particles are reliably filtered out.

Our 30ppi filter mat is easy to use and easy to clean. With regular maintenance and care, it will serve you well in the long term and ensure optimal water quality in your aquarium.

Trust the proven performance of our 30ppi filter mats and discover how they keep your aquarium clean and healthy.

As a rule, the filter mat in an HMF filter remains in use for a very long time, sometimes for several years.

However, there are good reasons to have a replacement on hand.
-You want to completely reinstall the pool
-You want to operate the filter in a different tank and want to eliminate the risk of bacterial intolerance (BU).
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The replacement filter mat set consists of three parts.
1x main filter mat in the selected height and leg length
2x corner filter sponge

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