Replacement cartridges for mobile HMF sponge filters

Replacement cartridges for mobile HMF sponge filters

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Aquakallax replacement cartridges for Mobile HMF:

Flexible, efficient, black

Experience the versatility of our replacement cartridges for mobile Hamburg mat filters (HMF) with a footprint of 10x10cm. In different lengths (15cm, 25cm, 35cm and 50cm) they offer the ideal solution for your individual aquarium.


First things first! The filter foams we use are manufactured in Germany under strict conditions. Special reticulation processes ensure an almost 100% open-cell structure which guarantees the largest possible settlement area for filter bacteria.

- **Color Black:** Aesthetically appealing and inconspicuous in the aquarium.
- **Through Bore (50mm):** Universal fit for various filter requirements.
- **Includes two end caps:** Easy assembly and secure filtering.
- **Optimal bore for Pat-Mini:** Space for the popular Mini drive.
- **Pore densities selectable (45ppi and 30ppi):** To suit your individual needs.
- **Wide clearance for air jacks:** Effortless operation of 25mm air jacks.

Our replacement cartridges offer maximum flexibility and efficiency. The well thought-out design makes it possible to effortlessly integrate a Pat-Mini while simultaneously operating larger air lifts without resistance. Upgrade your HMF now for a healthy and clear aquarium!

Discover the Aquakallax quality for your individual aquarium experience! 🌿🔧🐠

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