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Riverroot / Driftwood

Riverroot / Driftwood

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River root , also known as driftwood , is a natural wood often used in aquariums as a decorative element. It occurs when trees or plants grow along river banks or bodies of water and fall into the water due to water movement or other natural processes. The wood is then carried away by the currents and can float in the water for long distances before it is finally washed onto the shore or in riparian areas.

Over time, the river root wood is shaped by the water, sanded smooth and bleached, giving it a characteristic, weathered look. These properties make it a popular and natural decorative material for aquariums. River roots can come in various shapes and sizes and provide hiding places for aquarium inhabitants as well as an interesting structure for creating underwater landscapes. It also slightly influences the aquarium water by releasing natural substances such as tannins, which some species of fish and plants particularly appreciate.

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- Natural wood for aquarium decoration
- Formed by the drifting and washing away of trees along rivers and bodies of water
- Weathered appearance due to water erosion and bleaching
- Provides hiding places for aquarium inhabitants
- Slightly influences the aquarium water by releasing natural substances such as tannins

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