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feeding places

feeding places

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Our feeding corners and places are our in-house development of the well-known feeding bowls.

With our feeding corners/places, we create an area free of the substrate directly on the disc.

The advantages over a feeding bowl are outstanding.

*no food leftovers in the substrate
*Food residues can be completely removed
*The windscreen can be thoroughly cleaned up to the base plate
*taking photos of the animals is much better than in the open tank
*no risk of rotting like there is when using a feeding bowl. (Insufficient ventilation of the substrate)

Last but not least......
Is she simply a stylish eye-catcher?

size / dimensions

Size S (50x50x50)
Size M (50x100x50)
Size L (50x150x50)
Size XL (50x200x50)

Available heights are 20, 30, 40 and 50mm

installation instructions

The Aquakallax feeding places can easily be used in the pool that is already running.
To do this, push back the substrate by hand or with a suitable means (e.g. scaping spatula) so far that you can insert the corner flat on the bottom plate of the aquarium.
Now push the substrate back to the feeding place.
Complete! From now on you can observe your animals up close while they eat and easily remove leftover food.

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