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Glass sliding rails "Kallax"

Glass sliding rails "Kallax"

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Here you can get replacement sliding rails for the cover panels of your Kallax aquariums.

You can choose from the rails that match the Kallax pools with glued-in glass struts, as well as for the pools without glass struts.

Kallax aquarium with glass sliding strips Version 1: E-profile for aquariums with glued-in glass struts

Kallax aquarium with glass sliding bars (without glass struts) Version 2: suitable for Kallax aquariums without glass struts

Assembly instructions for the disc profiles for Kallax aquariums / can be plugged together Version 2: Plug connection

Scope of delivery: a set of profiles is always intended for a Kallax aquarium.

Version 1: Set consists of 4 profile strips with a length of 17.5 cm / individually; not pluggable

Version 2: Set consists of 4 profiles that can be plugged together. These can be extended indefinitely. The strips are already inserted to fit the Kallax aquariums without glued-in glass struts.

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