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Concave HMF for Kallax

Concave HMF for Kallax

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leg length

With this offer you will receive the brand new "concave" filter suitable for standard Kallax aquariums with 20 or 22cm tank height.

The height of the filters is such that they fit well under the cover plates.

In the 20cm high Kallax aquarium, the filter has a height of 17cm .

The 22mm Kallax has a height of19cm .

Especially in small pools you cannot be wasteful with the available space.

"Small tank, small filter... but gigantic filter performance"

scope of delivery

Version with air lift

The "Konkav" for Kallax is delivered ready for connection, equipped with the highly efficient 12mm air jacks of the GN series.
(To operate a filter with an air lift, a membrane pump is required, which is not included in the scope of delivery.)
+0.5m air hose including check valve

+A gravel and surface panel is also pre-assembled.

And of course a retaining clip for fixing it to the rear window

Simply put it in, connect the membrane pump* and start filtering!

Version with Pat Mini

The “Konkav” for Kallax is delivered ready for connection, equipped with the Pat-Mini drive.

Simply put it in, plug it into the socket and start filtering!

Version WITHOUT Pat-Mini

You can choose this version if you already have an Aquael Pat-Mini at home and want to give it new life with a concave update.

Retrofitting the Pat-Mini pump head is very easy and takes less than 30 seconds.

WEEE.Reg.No.DE 33365802

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