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Classic HMF with Pat-Mini 10cm leg length

Classic HMF with Pat-Mini 10cm leg length

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filter mat
including Pat Mini

With the clever "Hang-On" holder* for the Pat-Mini, it is now finally possible to safely accommodate the pump head in the slim 10cm HMF.

In the 10cm HMF you can turn your Pat-Mini into a fully-fledged biofilter with a long service life!

Large filter surface - longer cleaning intervals

The combination of the popular Pat-mini with the Hmf corner filters is the “non plus ultra” of silent, effective aquarium filtration.


The filter shown here has a slim 10cm leg length and is available in heights from 18 to 58cm.
Always choose the height so that the filter can be operated standing on the ground. When installed, the filter must protrude slightly from the water to ensure that there is no bypass.

biological filter performance

18cm - up to 64l
23cm - up to 82l
28cm - up to 100l
33cm - up to 118l
38cm - up to 135l
43cm - up to 153l
48cm - up to 170l
53cm - up to 190l
58cm - up to 206l

In order to achieve optimal biological filter performance, the flow velocity (speed at which the flow passes through the filter mat) should be between 7 and 10cm/min. A flow that is too fast reduces the biological and increases the mechanical filter activity. Therefore, throttle the Pat-Mini accordingly.


-Filter at selected height
-Filter mat with selected pore density (ppi)
-Attachment with integrated magnets
-3cm gravel cover
-Lillypipe extension made of silicone
and optionally also the Pat-Mini
+ the optional Pat-Mini has 4 watts of power consumption and an adjustable flow (approx. 50-400l/h)

Close-up of the filter mat 20ppi coarseClose-up of the 30ppi fine filter matClose-up of the filter mat 45ppi very fine

Aquael Pat Mini
WEEE reg. no. 33365802
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