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air jack

air jack

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Our quality air jacks with the original. GN drive parts
are characterized by very quiet operation, maximum effectiveness and very easy cleaning.

Air lifter in operation

Description of services

12 air jack
(Recommended for pools up to 60 liters)
Total length: 20cm
Flow rate:
130 liters of water at 120 liters of air/h

-------------------------------------------------- ----------
16 air jack
(Recommended for pools up to 110 liters)
Total length: 25cm
Flow rate:
230 liters of water at 170 liters of air/h
-------------------------------------------------- ----------

20 air jack
(Recommended for pools up to 230 liters)
Total length: 30cm
Flow rate:
460 liters of water at 330 liters of air/h
-------------------------------------------------- ---------

25 air jack
(Recommended for pools up to 450 liters)
Total length: 35cm
Flow rate:
900 liters of water at 620 liters of air/h

-------------------------------------------------- ----------

32 air jack

(recommended for pools up to 1000 liters

Total length: 45cm

Flow rate:

approx. 1800 liters / air volume from 600l/h

*The performance figures are determined under optimal conditions and may vary in individual cases.

Factors such as the riser pipe length, the immersion depth and the actual delivery capacity of your diaphragm pump influence the performance of every air lifter.

The drive part, the heart of the air lift, can be easily opened and cleaned if necessary.
The unique toothed design ensures many small air bubbles, which ensure smoother running and greater delivery performance compared to conventional drive parts.
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