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Air jack with ShrimpPuddle drive parts

Air jack with ShrimpPuddle drive parts

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Shrimppuddle lives in the smallest puddle

Air lift with

ShrimpPuddle air lift drives

Aquakallax air lift with SP drives

Easy maintenance No need to dismantle the drive, easy to clean with the hose brush, just like the pipes.

Long-lasting flow Very long-lasting bubble formation, thanks to a special membrane structure that actively reduces clogging.

Drives for every application The ShrimpPuddle air lift drives are suitable for all areas. Thanks to their upper and lower connection, they fit perfectly with every HMF, sponge filter, undergravel filter, UGF box and much more.

Aquakallax air lifter with SP drive

SP air lift drives were born from an idea to make air lifts better, more efficient and more popular in many aspects.

Our reactors are manufactured using a special 3D printing process, so that there are almost no traces (grooves) of classic 3D printing.

This gives us a very smooth finish and therefore less surface area for deposits to build up on.

We have also developed a membrane that, thanks to its very fine bubble pattern, enables up to 10% more flow* than conventional drives.

Just plastic? No, it's not that simple. We tested different materials during product development and ultimately decided on a harder version of PLA+. It has all the advantages of PLA+ and is at the same time more stable and shatterproof than PETG. And therefore perfect for aquarium purposes.

One product, many solutions. Our drives have been reduced in size to a minimum and therefore fit into even the narrowest filter chambers. Thanks to its connection on both sides, a pipe can be connected both above and below.

Two-part reactors are not our concept. Too often you hear that parts break off or that many people don't dismantle their two-part reactors to clean them, but just brush them off. Our approach here was to make everything from one part and the special membrane reduces the cleaning intervals to a minimum. At the same time, the fine membrane provides a bubble pattern that greatly reduces the loud noises that occur with standard drives.

Shrimppuddle drive test 12mm

Description of services

12 air jack
Recommended for pools up to 60 liters)
Total length: 20cm
-------------------------------------------------- ----------
16 air jack
(Recommended for pools up to 120 liters)
Total length: 25cm
-------------------------------------------------- ----------

20 air jack
(Recommended for pools up to 250 liters)
Total length: 30cm
-------------------------------------------------- ---------

25 air jack
(Recommended for pools up to 500 liters)
Total length: 35cm

*The recommendations for aquarium size are determined under optimal conditions and may vary in individual cases. Factors such as the riser pipe length, the immersion depth, the degree of contamination of the filter media, and the actual delivery capacity of your diaphragm pump influence the performance of every air lifter.
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