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Magnet and suction cup holder for HMF sponge filters

Magnet and suction cup holder for HMF sponge filters

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Original Aquakallax cartridge holder

for 10cm sponge filter

Aquakallax magnetic attachment for sponge filtersAquakallax magnetic attachment for sponge cartridges Discover freedom with the Aquakallax attachment for sponge cartridges!

Whether with strong suction cups or powerful magnets - our unique 2-in-1 attachment allows you to attach the filter to any free space on the panes. No more standing on the floor – maximum flexibility in pool design!

- Freedom to choose your seat due to floating assembly
- No contact with the ground, no stirring of dirt when removing the sponge
- Holder stays in position even when sponge is removed for cleaning

With Aquakallax, care becomes child’s play. Discover a new era of filter attachment for your aquarium! 🌿🔗✨

  • unique 2 in 1 attachment
  • original Aquakallax development
  • Optional magnetic attachment for discs up to 12mm thick
  • or flexible positioning using the strong suction cups

Aquakallax attachment for cartridge filters with suction cups

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