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Magnetic "Bucen-Box" The flower pot for the aquarium

Magnetic "Bucen-Box" The flower pot for the aquarium

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Bucen boxes with magnetic attachment

Aquakallax Bucen boxes with magnetic attachment

Discover the innovative further development of our proven Bucen boxes - now with powerful magnetic fastening! Originally designed for Bucephalandra, these boxes are perfect for mosses, Anubias and more thanks to precise flow openings.

In this YouTube video by aqua artist Sascha Hoyer, our Magnetic Bucen boxes are briefly introduced.

The finely perforated bottom and side holes (1mm) effectively retain soil, with the exception of extremely fine powder soil. The new, ultra-strong neodymium magnets offer secure attachment to windows up to 10mm (up to 15mm depending on the load).
Magnetic Bucen-Box filled as an example
Integrated spacers ensure a straight position, even when the boxes are fully loaded. Available in four lengths (5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm), they offer enough space for individual plants or young plants.

Optimize your aquarium with these slim, 4cm deep and wide boxes - a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics for your favorite plants.

Easy to use, strong magnetic force – experience the highest quality for your aquarium!

And as a special highlight, the boxes are ideal for growing mangroves in seawater areas. Simply put mangrove seeds in the box, fill with broken coral and explore the fascinating world of mangroves.


DANGER!!! Magnets are not toys! Keep away from cell phones or other electronic components. Never bring magnets directly together, the extremely strong magnetic force makes it very difficult to remove them and, if used incorrectly, can cause the acrylic glass boxes to shatter. Risk of injury and damage! Heed this warning and act accordingly.

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