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"Magnetic Coral" reefscaping and question carrier/functional decoration

"Magnetic Coral" reefscaping and question carrier/functional decoration

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Type of coral

Magnet corals for your aquarium!

Aquakallax Reefscaping Magnet Corals

Marine aquariums - decoration with sense and understanding! It works without anykitsch!

Reefscaping and coral farming finally combined!

These artificial corals are equipped with invisible, strong magnets and can easily be attached to glass thicknesses up to 12mm (15mm limited).

Aquakallax magnet corals with extra strong magnet for 12mm glass thickness

The white color quickly takes on natural coatings, so that the corals integrate perfectly into your saltwater aquarium. Use them as a carrier for coral offspring or as an optical element for lifelike scaping.

The corals attached to the disc offer a natural-looking alternative to glowing reef decks.

Counter magnet for the magnet corals in the shape of starfish -The counter magnet is shaped like a starfish

Simply place reef plugs/frag rocks or other carriers with offspring where there are optimal current and light conditions. Our large selection of magnetic corals allows you to design your aquarium in style without resorting to tacky decoration. The outer magnets in the shape of starfish give the overall picture a special touch. Turn your aquarium into an impressive underwater paradise!

The following pictures help to better classify the size of the individual corals:

Montipora Capitata Magnet Coralundetermined type/magnet coralAcropora Nobilis Magnet CoralAcropora Florida Magnet CoralAcropora Loripes Magnet CoralAcropora Cervicornis Magnet CoralAcropora palmata magnet coralAcropora tenuis magnet coralAcropora Sarmentosa Magnet CoralAcropora Millepora Magnet CoralAcropora Loripes Magnet Coral

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