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Magnetic shrimp cave / shrimp hiding place

Magnetic shrimp cave / shrimp hiding place

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**Discover the Shrimp Cave - The perfect hiding place for your aquarium inhabitants!**

Magnetic shrimp cave / shrimp hiding place
Our shrimp cave not only offers a safe haven for your shrimp, but also a number of benefits that will enrich your aquarium. Thanks to its rocky appearance, the cave blends seamlessly into the natural surroundings of your aquarium and does not seem like a disturbing foreign body.

The magnetic shrimp cave from Aquakallax

A highlight of this shrimp cave is the innovative fastening method using built-in, extremely strong magnets. These allow the cave to be securely attached to the inside of your aquarium glass without compromising the aesthetics of your aquarium. The cave can be divided into two parts, with a magnet installed in each part. The counter magnet from the outside holds the cave firmly in place without it slipping.
artificial stone
This shrimp cave not only offers a safe hiding place, but also a variety of hiding places. With a total of seven different hiding places, your shrimp can follow their natural instincts and retreat or explore as needed.

magnetic shrimp hiding place

Create a natural and attractive environment for your shrimp with our shrimp cave and see how they feel comfortable in their new home.

Order today and transform your aquarium into an oasis of peace and beauty for your shrimp!

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