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Moss grid / plant grid

Moss grid / plant grid

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Our crystal-clear moss planting grids are particularly strong and don't just hold up moss. Planted stones can also be placed safely here without giving way under the weight.

Now New!!! Also available with magnetic attachment!

even more comfortable and easier to use.

Suction cups can weaken...magnets never!

Double moss holder with magnetic attachment from Aquakallax

Moss holder with magnetic attachment from Aquakallax

Mosses, rhizomes, offshoots...
The space at the bottom of the aquarium quickly becomes tighter and tighter.

+The practical grids provide a solution.
Light-hungry plants can be brought closer to the light source.

+Emerse plants can be placed so that only their roots protrude into the water.

+Thanks to the specially developed design, these grilles can carry a multiple of the weight without bending.*

*Compared to similar grilles without the Aquakallax support foot attachment


Tie-on storage area 50x50mm

Product details

The moss grids are made from crystal clear, strong acrylic glass.
Laser-refined cut edges ensure a brilliant look.
The material itself, as well as the suction cups used, are “Made in Germany” and can of course be used without restrictions for aquarium use.


*The four side recesses make it easier to tie the mosses/plants crosswise with a suitable string.
*The grids can be placed anywhere in the aquarium.
*Due to the design I developed, the holders are extremely resilient.

The surface should be cleaned before attaching the suction cups, as deposits on the windows can affect the adhesion of the suction cups.

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