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Plant box / plant pot

Plant box / plant pot

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The Aquakallax plant pots are ideal for giving strong-rooted plants the right support, even on flat ground.

Epiphytes such as Anubias or Bucephalandra have become an integral part of shrimp tanks.

However, if you want to grow strong-rooted or bulbous plants, the usually very flat ground is an obstacle. The solution to this problem has been found with the Aquakallax plant pots.

A Crinum Calamistratum, for example (also known as the permanent wave hook lily) as shown in the picture, needs a firm hold and at least 5cm (better 8-10cm) of substrate, otherwise it tends to tip over.

Size XS has the dimensions 5x5cm and is only available in a height of 5cm.

Size S measures 10x10cm and is available in heights of 5 and 10cm.

Size M measures 15x10cm and is available in heights of 5 and 10cm.

Size L measures 20x10cm and is available in heights of 5 and 10cm.

Our plant pots have holes all around and also at the bottom, which ensure optimal “ventilation” of the roots.

Tip : Cover the bottom of the pot with approx. 1-3cm of lava fragments. The large gaps ensure that the plant is optimally supplied with nutrient-rich water from all sides. Your plants will thank you!

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