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Redwood / Red Moor Root

Redwood / Red Moor Root

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The red moor root (redwood) is a fascinating and aesthetically pleasing wooden decoration for aquariums. It is known for its bright red color, which provides a striking contrast to the green plants and colorful aquarium inhabitants. The red moor root comes from the roots of moor forests, which naturally occur in acidic and peaty waters.

Here is some important information about red moor root in the aquarium:

1. Natural look : The red moor root gives the aquarium a unique and natural look. Their bright red color makes them eye-catching and brings a warm and lively atmosphere to the aquarium.

2. Hiding places : Like other wooden decorations, the red moor root also offers numerous hiding places for fish, shrimp and other aquarium inhabitants. The angled shape creates natural retreats that reduce the animals' stress levels and promote their well-being.

3. Water treatment : The red bog root can easily affect the aquarium water, similar to other wooden decorations. It can release tannins and turn the water slightly brown, which some aquarists find aesthetically pleasing. The tannins can also make the water slightly more acidic and reduce carbonate hardness (KH), which is beneficial for fish and plants that prefer softer and slightly acidic water.

4. Preparation before insertion: Before adding the red moor root to the aquarium, it should be rinsed thoroughly to remove dirt and loose particles. Soaking the wooden decoration in a separate container for a few days can help reduce the release of tannins and minimize water discoloration.

It is important to note that red bog root may lose some of its color over time as the tannins released are gradually washed out.

Overall, red moor root is a wonderful addition to aquariums that is not only visually appealing, but also has many positive effects on the aquarium and its inhabitants. With proper preparation and care, red bog root can be a long-lasting and impressive decoration for your aquarium.

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