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Safe-Bay / automatic spawn collector, egg trap

Safe-Bay / automatic spawn collector, egg trap

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Safe Bay

"the safe bay"

Please watch our product video on YouTube in advance!

With our Safe-Bay, the revolutionary spawn collector, breeding becomes easier for people and less stressful for the animal.

Our automatic spawn collector effortlessly transfers the laid eggs of, for example, guinea fowl danios; Microdevario Kubotai; many Dario species; Rasboras, tetras and many other fish species in a safe collection chamber.

In contrast to other spawning traps (e.g. glass with a perforated lid), you never get your sleeves wet again.

The spawn collection chamber can be removed with a simple movement and the eggs (spawn) can be transferred to a separate rearing tank, for example.

The important thing is that the spawning chamber with the moss remains in place untouched. The often shy animals are not exposed to unnecessary stress, which further improves breeding success.

The spawn collection chamber is continuously flushed with oxygen-enriched water, so that the risk of spawn fungus is reduced to a minimum.

the automatic spawn collector Safe-Bay from Aquakallax

Operation manual :

1. Determine installation height:
Make sure the Safe Bay's spawn collection chamber is approximately 2-3 cm above the water.
Attach the Safe Bay to the desired position in the aquarium using the suction cups.

2. Connection to membrane pump:
Connect a standard diaphragm pump (not included)
to the already installed 4/6 hose with check valve.
(recommended pump performance approx. 200L/h)

3. Place the spawning substrate on the perforated grid of the spawning slide. (e.g. a tuft of Java moss)

4. Observation and care:
Monitor the spawn collection chamber through the transparent window.
If necessary, separate the chamber from the rest at the plug connection and collect the collected ones
Transfer eggs to a separate breeding tank.

5. Cleaning and Maintenance:
The Safe Bay is easy to clean.
Use gentle cloths or sponges around the panes of the spawn collection chamber
to remove deposits. Do not use sharp objects or chemicals.

Dimensions : The Safe-Bay has a total height of 26cm and is therefore perfectly dimensioned for pools from 30cm high.

Since it protrudes optimally 3cm from the water when installed, a 23cm water column is sufficient in the aquarium. (If necessary, the riser pipe of the air lifter can be shortened by up to 4cm and can therefore also be used for 20cm shallow aquariums)

Available accessories:

Stand - coming soon

Spawning mop - coming soon

With the kind permission of a dear customer, I can show you his proud result from just one day with the SafeBay.

Photo 1 shows the SafeBay in the aquarium. You can clearly see the nest made of Java moss in the spawning container.

Customer photo: The SafeBay spawn collector in the aquarium with guinea fowl danios

Photo 2 shows the “yield” after the first day.

Collected eggs of the guinea fowl danios in the SafeBay, the automatic spawning collector from

Counted by the customer, a total of over 90 eggs made it into the spawn collection chamber.

A really impressive result and great proof of the functionality of our SafeBay.

Thank you for the photos and good luck and, above all, fun breeding!

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