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Savanna wood

Savanna wood

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Savanna wood , also known as savanna root or savanna wood decoration, is a natural wood used in aquariums as a decorative element and as a functional piece. It comes from the savannah and dry areas of Africa and is often used there as a robust material for various purposes.

In the aquarium, savanna wood is extremely durable and resistant to water, making it an ideal setup for underwater environments. It has a rough and weathered appearance, but is smoothed and solidified using a process called shot peening.

Savanna wood offers numerous hiding places for fish and other aquarium inhabitants who value a quiet and protected environment. It also serves as a perching and climbing place for animals such as dwarf shrimps and snails.

In addition, savanna wood naturally releases important humic substances and tannins into the water, which can improve water quality and promote the well-being of fish and plants. However, it is advisable to thoroughly water and clean the wood before using it in the aquarium to reduce any tannins that may be present.

Overall, savanna wood is a popular and versatile choice for aquarists who want to enrich their underwater world with natural and attractive décor.

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Shot blasted savanna wood is savannah wood that has undergone a special process called “shot blasting.” Shot blasting involves spraying the wood with small steel balls or granules to finish the surface.

Shot blasting gives the wood an even and smooth texture, giving it a fine, sanded appearance. This process can also help eliminate any irregularities or unevenness in the wood.

The shot-blasted savanna wood highlights the natural beauty and grain of the wood, making it an aesthetically pleasing and attractive decoration for the aquarium. The smooth surface also makes it comfortable for fish and other aquarium inhabitants to hide in or climb on.

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