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Disc knob "Kallax"

Disc knob "Kallax"

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Discover the groundbreaking knob for sliding panes - the perfect solution for owners of Kallax aquariums with 4mm thick panes! Our innovative knob makes opening and closing your aquarium sliding panels easier than ever before.

1. Smooth Operation: With our specially designed knob, handling the sliding discs becomes an effortless experience. Open and close your Kallax aquarium with minimal effort.

2. Perfect fit: The knob is precisely tailored to 4 mm thick sliding discs and thus ensures optimal functionality. It fits seamlessly into the design of your aquarium.

3. High-quality materials: Made of durable and long-lasting material, the knob ensures long-term and reliable use.

4. Easy installation: Installing the button is very easy and does not require any complex tools. Simply follow the included instructions to install your knob in no time.

5. Stylish design: The knob fits not only functionally but also aesthetically into the overall look of your Kallax aquarium. Add a touch of elegance to your aquarium.

Why the knob for Kallax aquariums:

- Significantly improves usability.
- Fits perfectly with 4mm thick sliding discs.
- Durable material for long term use.
- Easy installation without complex tools.
- Aesthetic design for a stylish aquarium design.

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