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Hose holder for 6-fold dosing systems

Hose holder for 6-fold dosing systems

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Whether at the aquarium or at the filter sump, the Aquakallax hose holder for up to 6 hoses ensures order and a secure hold.

Product Information

As is so often the case with our hose holder, the " problem " was there first! An aquarist friend of mine was looking for a solution to his problem and asked for advice.

For his pool, which he fills almost to the brim, he was looking for a suitable hose holder for his dosing system.

All hose holders protrude so far into the pool that the dosing hoses would inevitably end below the water surface.

And that's exactly where we start....

Our 6-fold hose holder is infinitely adjustable in height and even allows the hoses to end above the edge of the pool.

Very rarely dosing systems are used in small aquariums, which prompted us to design the Hang-On mount for a perfect fit with 10-15mm thick glasses.

(but smaller is also possible....the dosing hose holder can also be securely fixed to thin panes with the locking screw)

For glass thicknesses over 10mm, only the pre-installed reducing washer needs to be removed.

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