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"Snail Balcony" settling-in aid

"Snail Balcony" settling-in aid

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Every aquarist should be aware that snails can also drown!

Newly acquired animals require a slow acclimatization after the transport.

Fasten the snail board so that it is just 1-2mm below the water surface. The embedded holes ensure sufficient contact with the water, which is new for the snails.

You can slowly wake up from your "transport sleep" and get used to the temperature and water parameters.

Once this is done, the snails, following their instincts, set out to find deeper water.
The slanted front of the snail board helps you with this.

You avoid unnecessary losses and make it easier for the animals to find a new home.

Once you have gotten used to it, you can remove the board again and clean and store it away for the next use.

The snails will thank you with their valuable work in the aquarium.

Familiarization area: 150x75mm

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