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Terrarium "Terrakallax"

Terrarium "Terrakallax"

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Discover our brand new terrarium made of crystal clear acrylic glass and elegant black plastic - the perfect choice for housing your spiders and other insects.

Aquakallax terrarium for spiders

With its dimensions of 15cm x 15cm x 10cm, this terrarium offers enough space for your little roommates, while at the same time being compact enough to fit in any room.

The terrarium has excellent ventilation properties that ensure a healthy and optimal microclimate inside. The generous trap door offers easy access for feeding and care, while the curved acrylic glass panel allows a perfect view inside.

The Aquakallax terrarium and an iguana

The rock-look rear wall looks particularly natural, creating a natural environment and giving the residents a feeling of home.

Back wall with stone look in the Aquakallax terrarium

Whether for beginners or experienced terrarium keepers, this terrarium is an excellent choice for keeping spiders and other insects. Order today and create an ideal home for your little friends!

- Material: acrylic glass, black plastic
- Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 10cm
- Excellent ventilation properties
- Large trap door for easy access
- Natural-looking back wall with a rock look
- Curved acrylic glass pane for a perfect view inside

Terrakallax the terrarium from Aquakallax

Note: Decorative items are not included.

*Please note: This terrarium is specifically designed for keeping spiders and other insects and should be used accordingly. It is important to take the animals' needs into account and clean and maintain the terrarium regularly.*

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