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UGF undergravel filter / soil filter

UGF undergravel filter / soil filter

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Undergravel box filter - Asian style
Very popular as a soil filter in shrimp farming.

The Asian style Undergravel filter box (UGF for short) is a unique way to filter your shrimp tank or aquarium.
It works by using the drive to slowly suck contaminated water through the medium to the bottom of the box and then clean it back into the pool.

Filter bacteria, which are able to break down and convert pollutants, settle on the surfaces of the filter media used.

Filtering on three levels

Aquakallax UGF filter box

The boxes can be freely equipped with the filter material of your choice.

Tip : the included filter mat can remain in the filter as a permanently biologically active element. Applying an approximately 2-3cm thick layer of active substrate (soil) will regulate your water values ​​for a long time in the range that Caridinas, for example, prefer. (used soil can easily be vacuumed out using a hose and then replaced with fresh soil.)

The middle and lower levels are ideal for ceramic material such as Siporax or lava granulate. There are no limits here.

Just leave the suction area free to avoid clogging.

* Filter box S air lift approx. 10x10x10cm (WH)

*Box S Height of the spout approx. 27cm (riser pipe up to 17cm with suitable tools can be shortened!)

* Filter box M air lift approx. 15x10x10cm (WH)

*Box M Height of the spout approx. 27cm (riser pipe up to 17cm with suitable tools can be shortened!)

The filter is delivered fully assembled.
A separate membrane pump is required to operate an air lifting filter.
This UGF filter box is suitable for pools with a height of 20 to 30cm.
Ideal for breeding tanks or cubes up to 60l volume

We recommend a UGF Box M with a pool volume of up to 60l.
Size S up to approx. 40l
(Since the actual biological as well as the mechanical filter performance depends on the equipment with filter media, the performance can vary downwards or upwards)

A major advantage of the filter is that it requires minimal maintenance over its lifespan. It is recommended to only clean the filter when you restart your aquarium or when your soil is exhausted (usually 1-2 years).

UGF filter box with air lifter from Aquakallax

*A separate membrane pump is required to operate a filter with an air lift. This is not part of this offer.

WEEE Reg.No.33365802

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