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Pre-filter addon for concave filters

Pre-filter addon for concave filters

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for leg lengths

Simply retrofit an additional pre-filter chamber plug & play!

With the pre-filter addon you can easily and conveniently integrate additional filter material into the filter system to optimize the biological filter performance.

This way you can increase the efficiency of your filter and achieve even better water quality in your aquarium. Regardless of whether you want to use special media for biological, chemical or mechanical filtering, with the backpack addon you have the flexibility to adapt the filter material to your individual needs.

Enjoy clean and healthy water in your aquarium with the expandable pre-filter chamber of your concave filter and the practical pre-filter add-on.

Available in two sizes for every leg length (size M only fits filters with a height of 28 cm or more)

The capacity of the individual pre-filter chambers

Gr. S leg length 10cm: 180ml

Gr. S leg length 12cm: 320ml

Gr. S leg length 15cm: 500ml

Gr. M leg length 10cm: 360ml

Gr. M leg length 12cm: 640ml

Gr. M leg length 15cm: 1000ml

Matching mesh bags for loose filter media are available here! ---click here---

Additional filter materials can significantly improve the filter performance in an aquarium.

Here are some common materials and their effects:

1. Activated carbon : Activated carbon is used to adsorb contaminants, odors and chemical residues from water. It helps keep the water clear and odor-free.

2. Ceramic Rings : Ceramic rings provide a large surface area for beneficial bacterial colonies that break down ammonia and nitrite. They promote biological filtration and help improve water quality.

3. Bio-Balls : Bio-Balls are small plastic balls with a porous structure. They provide a surface for the establishment of bacterial colonies and promote effective biological filtration.

4. Zeolite : Zeolite is a natural mineral that binds and removes ammonia. It helps reduce ammonia levels in the water and promotes a healthy environment for the fish. (Zeolite is available here!)

5. Siporax : Siporax is a special filter medium with a porous structure. It provides a large surface area for beneficial bacteria that break down organic waste. Siporax improves biological filtration and helps stabilize water parameters.

These additional filter materials can be used depending on the individual needs of the aquarium. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and clean or replace materials regularly to maintain optimal filter performance. Thorough research and advice can help select the right filter media and ensure it works effectively with the HMF to achieve optimal water quality.

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